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League of Legends the Most Popular Game on Twitch with 43.2B All-time Views, Close to Fortnite and CS:GO Combined


As the world’s leading community for gamers, Twitch continues breaking records in 2021, both in the number of viewers and the total hours watched.

According to data presented by Mejores Apuestas, as the most popular game on the live streaming platform, League of Legends hit over 43 billion all-time views last week, close to Fortnite and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive combined.

LoL Average Monthly Viewers Hit All-time High in May

The live streaming industry grew enormously last year as people sought ways to stay connected during the COVID-19 lockdowns. As a result, streaming platforms have continued to set new records each quarter.

The Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet data showed Twitch viewership hit an all-time high for the third quarter in a row, with 6.51 billion hours watched in the second quarter, up from 6.33 billion hours in Q1 2021. Also, Twitch viewership increased by 27% year-over-year, compared to 5.11 billion hours watched in Q2 2020.

As the most popular Twitch game by all-time views, League of Legends had a huge role in this increase. Statistics show the average monthly number of LoL viewers has been rising since the beginning of 2021. In May, it hit an all-time high with more than 233,700 average viewers.

The Twitchstats data show Fortnite is the second most popular game on the live streaming platform, with 25.5 billion all-time views or nearly 70% less than the leading LoL. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive follows with 19.3 billion all-time views. Grand Theft Auto V and Dota 2 round the top five list, with 18 billion and 17.3 billion all-time views, respectively.

GTA V, Fortnite, and LoL Top Three Games in 2021 with a Total of 18.8B Views YTD

Despite leading the Twitch chart in all-time views, the League of Legends is still not the most popular game on the streaming platform this year.

Statistics show Grand Theft Auto V ranked as the top Twitch game in 2021, with over 7.7 billion views YTD. Also, the popular action-adventure game hit 232,400 average streamers and 3,100 average channels on Twitch this year, with over 1.1 million peak viewers.

League of Legends ranked as the second most popular game in 2021, with nearly 7 billion total views year-to-date. The Twitchstats data show the average number of LoL streamers hit over 209,800 this year, while the number of current viewers peaked at 1.2 million.

With nearly 4.2 billion views since the beginning of 2021 or around 40% less than the two leading titles, Fortnite ranked as the third most popular game in Twitch this year. Statistics show the top three Twitch gaming titles hit more than 18.8 billion views combined since the beginning of 2021.

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